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What Are Dental Implants?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, we can use dental implants to replace them with sturdy, functional artificial teeth that look like the real thing! Made from a slender titanium screw called a post that is topped with a porcelain crown, each implant fills in a gap where your original tooth used to be. Implants are stronger and longer-lasting than traditional dentures and are the closest we can come to giving you back your real teeth. With dental implants, you’ll be able to smile with confidence and even bite and chew again.

The Implant Process

To ensure that the full process runs smoothly, a patient must follow a certain protocol on their journey to receive dental implants. As part of our process in Simsbury, CT, we consider how an implant might help the patient, as well as what pre-treatment requirements might be required in order to ensure a successful outcome. This process is as follows:

First, you may need a bone graft in order to build up your jaw to the point where it can successfully handle the implant process.

Next, your dentist or oral surgeon will place the actual implants — slender titanium screws called posts that fit into your jaw and serve as a foundation for your new teeth.

You’ll need some time for your new implants to fully mesh with your jaw — a process called osseointegration. This typically takes several months.

Once your implants are fully integrated into your jawbone, your dentist will place a titanium abutment on top to help hold your new crowns in place.

Finally, your dentist will place your new crowns on top of your implants. Each crown will be designed to fit your unique needs and will give you back the appearance of a healthy, natural smile.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the strongest, most reliable option for replacing missing teeth. With implants, you can feel confident when you smile, knowing that you can flash a full set of pearly whites that look like the real thing. Plus, implants last a long time — the titanium posts themselves can last a lifetime and the crowns on top often last a decade or more.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

We offer a FREE consultation to help you learn more about implants, ask questions, and get a cost-accurate estimate and treatment plan built around your unique needs. Call today or book online to schedule!

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Dental implants are the most effective option for replacing missing teeth. But are they right for you? Take our short quiz to find out!

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